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How Can Treasury Tutor Work For You?

The answer is ‘yes’ – now what’s the question?

We have a new graduate intake who need financial markets training – can you help us?

Can you train our Treasury staff for the ACI exams?

Can you provide Interim Treasury Management services?

We do business with many different countries – can you help us manage our exchange rate risks?

We are confused by all the different hedging products in the market – can you identify which ones are best for us?

We want to hedge our exchange rate exposures, but we are worried it will be expensive – can you suggest a cost-effective strategy for us?

We have a five-year business plan, but we are not sure if our staff have the skills to achieve it – can you conduct a review of our skills gaps and training needs?

We have a large amount of borrowing – can you show us how to protect ourselves against rising interest rates?


I have known Wayne Andrews, the MD of Treasury Tutor, for about 25 years, and I regularly turn to him first when I have a training requirement in treasury or a related financial market discipline. In particular, the way he makes complicated topics seem straightforward through clear and patient explanations has always been appreciated by the people he has trained.

Graeme Coulson - Head of Treasury Department, BNF Bank - Malta